Supporting Youth Hockey in the Coachella Valley

Introducing CVYHF!

Hello, Hockey Families and Fans!

We would like to take a moment to formally introduce ourselves. The  Coachella Valley Youth Hockey Foundation is a new non-profit formed by a  group of hockey moms. As we have experienced our children benefiting  from youth hockey participation, we hope to share that experience and  extend the opportunity to others in the community—whether they play for a  team now or they are just learning to play. 

At  this time, we have been officially incorporated and our non-profit  status from the Internal Revenue Service and the California Franchise  Tax Board has been approved! We are an official 501c3!


Now  that the paperwork is complete, the fun can begin! We are  enthusiastically planning and organizing some events and activities to  raise funds. We welcome your input on this. If you know of a fundraiser  you think would be beneficial, we would love to hear about it. We will  also be looking for volunteers and contributors to everything we do. We  know that the hockey community in the Coachella Valley is a diverse  group with an extensive skill set. If you work at a restaurant that  could do a Hockey Night or you own a business that would like to make a  contribution, we would love that support. But perhaps more importantly,  if you are great at decorating or have some free time and you can pitch  in to help us set up an event, we need that help as well.

But the first, we need you to connect with us. The best ways to stay in the loop are to like us on Facebook and to subscribe to our email list.


Our  first event will be a Sports Gear Swap! For this event, we plan to  collect used gear (any kind, any sport, any size) and host a giant yard  sale for families to purchase gear they might need. We also hope to have  food, street hockey, and music. The location for this event is still  being determined but it is tentatively scheduled for June 3, 2018.  What we need at this time is to start collecting gear. If you, your  friends, your neighbors, or anyone else you know has gear the kids have  outgrown or anything they no longer use, please help us collect it. We  are happy to come get items if we need to. Shortly, we will begin  distributing a flier about this that we hope to share with the schools.

Lastly,  we just want to say thank you. Thank you to all of those who are  participating in hockey now—your involvement helps ensure that we have a  program that is enjoyable for our children. Our motivation for starting  this organization was to be helpful and inclusive. We truly want to  help make sure that as many kids as possible get to experience the  multitude of joy and positive benefits of youth hockey the way that our  families have.


Thank you,
The Coachella Valley Youth Hockey Foundation Board of Directors 


Locker Room Speech Video -

We love this video of a young hockey player talking to his teammates! This is what hockey is all about!


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